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It is never difficult to look for Painters but here in Painting Solutions we provide an extra mile for our customers to make sure that our Painters go through different stages of evaluation before they are selected by our management to join our Team !

Things we look for to become our Painters:

  1. Attitude – Responsible and Taking Pride in their work
  2. Experience – Being able to provide the best solutions for our customers in need
  3. Skills – Follow the Painting Methodology provided by Painting Solutions


Monthly TOP 5 Painters Chart

Ah Heng

With 20 years of experience in painting, Ah Heng is a painter with lots of patience to make sure that he do his job without any rush so to assure our customer can stay in the house for the next 10 years without any problem to their walls or ceiling

Ah Chuan (Pui Chuan)

Customer always feedback that Ah Chuan is very detailed especially before handing over the house, he will walk through the whole house with home owners to make sure that paint job is done nicely and professionally

Ah Seng (Botak)

At the age of 20 years old, Botak Seng started to learn painting and had worked until today. With his 35 years of experience in the painting world, he has the ability and skills to solve 99% of the problems that our customer encounter

Ah Liang (Xiao Di)

Our youngest painter in the company, Customer love him as he is very hardworking and friendly. He followed his dad to learn the traditional painting skills since the age of 13. Today, he is one of the painter whom you can trust your house with

Ah Chuan (Horse Leg)

Due to some leg injury in the past, Ah Chuan cannot walk properly so people gave him a nick name “horse leg”. Painting Solutions Singapore only use painters who are able to meet the 3 criteria so not to worry too much about his past injury. Ah Chuan has the very special set of skills to beautify your home

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