Landed Houses Painting



6 Professional Steps for Landed Houses Exterior Painting Services:

  1. Erect Scaffolding
    It is important for us to access the site to ensure the safety of our painters and customers before the painting process begin
  2. Cleaning and Washing
    Before we start to do preparation for exterior wall painting, we will be using pressure water jet to wash all exterior walls thoroughly to make sure all loose paints or algae or any other substances on the exterior wall is washed away
  3. Wall Preparation
    Our team of painters specialized for landed houses painting will start to scrap off all loose paints and patch up all visible hairline cracks
  4. Painting Works
    Our painters will apply 1 coat of primer to all exterior walls evenly and 2 coats of exterior wall paints
    To ensure that all paints are apply and spread evenly over all the exterior walls, we will do a final inspection around the house
  5. Clearing Up Works
    Removal of scaffolding
    Clear and dispose all plastic drop sheet and canvas for flooring protection
    Packing up all paints and equipment
  6. Final Inspection for hand over
    Walk through the house with customer to ensure that we have done a great house painting service and achieve high customer satisfaction level


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