HDB & Condo Painting



Interior Walls & Ceiling Painting Methodology for HDB & Condo:

  1. On Site Preparation
    Shifting & Protection of all Furniture , Masking tape all floor skirting and Protection for whole house flooring
  2. Surface Preparation
    Scrapping off loose paints, Brushing off all visible dust particles, Patching hairline cracks and holes
  3. Paint Preparation
    Neutralizing all walls & ceiling with 1 coat of water/solvent based sealer before applying 2 coats interior emulsion paint to walls & ceiling
  4. Inspection & Touch Up
    To make sure all fresh coats of paints cover the walls & ceiling evenly
  5. Clearing Up Works
    Cleaning off fresh paint drips
    Remove and dispose all plastic drop sheet
    Packing up all paints and equipment

OUR Price Package for HDB & Condo Painting Services

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